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Older Adults


My passion for working with older adults stems back to my earlier days volunteering at various convalescent homes.  As I walked through the halls and struck up a conversation with the residents, whom I barely knew, it was easy for me to make a connection. I instantly became curious as I began to hear more about their story as well as how they view their lives presently. By meeting various people and speaking to them more in depth,  I noticed that many were missing having a certain connection to people, society,  and also needing to talk about various subjects that were once taboo (issues surrounding depression, anxiety, retirement, medical issues, lost connection with family members). It became more evident that there needed to be more therapists that would take the time to be not only more empathetic, great listeners but also having the willingness to learn more about what makes older adults stand above all else.  I have been on that quest for the past 16 years and have continued to learn more about gerontology and become more attuned to the fact that the baby boomers have become the hallmark storytellers of our generation.


I continue to help older adults with various issues (depression, anxiety, chronic medical illness, retirement, transitional changes, and relationships).   It is a passion that continues to not only drive me to continually better myself as a clinician, but continue to learn more from those who have so much to teach me.

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