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Spanish Speaking Therapy



I use an empathic client-centered approach. Coping with everyday difficulties and problems of life can be very painful. These struggles can prevent you enjoy your life. Taking the first steps in seeking help are always the hardest, but always be the bravest thing you can do in your life. Whether you are sitting at work or at home thinking about the many reasons why life has taken a dark turn, some begin to think "why me?" Life is full of pain and disappointment. What matters most is not only to realize that you have the option to change his life and that can change in a positive way. You do not have to face these challenges alone.


I offer my advisory services in both English and Spanish. I give services to the entire area of ​​Los Angeles. I offer services for individuals, couples, families, adults and seniors. I also specialize in the following areas: crime victims, acute suffering caused by emotional pain, the elderly and chronic health problems.


For me, the most important part of the therapeutic process is the establishment of a secure relationship, trust and rapport between the client and therapist. From there a solid base grows, making it possible to create goals which can work together.

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